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Welcome to the home of all things digital, creativity, communication and the new professions. Cultural and creative industries, alongside technological innovation, are increasingly central to today’s economic landscape. And yet, professionals in these fields struggle to fit into the current national job classifications. As such, they risk missing employment protections and suffer under the weight of handling all the paperwork by themselves.

These new professions are highly creative and intellectual: thanks to our network, pools of different talents gather together to bring about the most effective, tailor-made projects. We offer our members the chance to join communities of professionals across Rete Doc, exchanging ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Sharing their expertise, they can successfully team up to respond to clients’ needs with the best solutions.
Take Doc Press, Doc Creativity’s Business Unit dedicated to journalists and communication and media professionals. The network specialises in press office services, brand journalism, podcasts, and the most advanced and effective communication strategies for corporate and media clients.

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