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L’arte si fa valore

A growing community of talents where businesses
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The network of professionals

Active since 1990, we are the leading cooperative for professionals in the fields of culture, entertainment, creativity and technological innovation. Our business model has opened up new opportunities and given us a competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market. We strongly believe in the collective power of people, as cooperation is at the core of who we are as human beings. We provide professional liaisons, creating new synergies and opportunities for people and businesses. Lawfulness and workers’ rights are front and centre in our approach to upholding the value of labour. We know networking is the best way to achieve this: together, we are stronger.

The sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda have been part of our principles from the get-go. We are particularly committed to achieving: quality education (4), gender equality (5), decent work and economic growth (8), reducing inequalities (10) and responsible consumption and production (12).

Why join us

As a cooperative, we manage and promote our activities together. By joining the network, you can benefit from employment protections while retaining the freedom of self-employment. Our cooperative business model increases the members’ competitive advantage and profits everyone. As a network, we can share costs and fairly redistribute the wealth generated.
We provide cross and sector-specific services for clients and co-op members to ease the system’s activities. Rete Doc is here for anyone dreaming of opening their business activity or creating a start-up, even as a team. Our specialised tools and expert advice can offer you the support you need across the sectors of entertainment, creativity, culture, communication, digital, tourism and the territory.

Today we are more than 8,000 members active in the worlds of culture, entertainment, creativity, art, innovation and education. Our strength lies in our expertise and experience combined with our members’.

We have created innovative tools, platforms and services to give you the best advantages. If you want to know more, visit the page dedicated to your profession or contact us for more information:

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