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About us

The first cooperative joint group
of the cultural sector

Our network

Rete Doc is a network of professionals from the fields of culture and entertainment, creativity, research and innovation, communication and tourism. The organisation of Rete Doc is based on the self-management platform cooperative model. This structure improves people’s job conditions by protecting its members’ rights, safety and lawful work. Turning professional men and women into protected and interconnected employees has proven to be a successful system in bridging the gaps in the current regulations. Often, workers in the cultural and creative fields or any sectors freelancers generally operate face difficulties applying to social security.

Thanks to Rete Doc, tens of thousands of people who were previously not entitled to a pay slip now have it, and they can count on the same protections as other employees. Professionals can now receive social allowances in case of pregnancy, illness or injury at work and unemployment benefits. In other words, our members finally become recognised professionals. Achieving these goals is Rete Doc’s mission – even if sometimes it means going against the tide – following the undeniable principle that lawful work is a value.

We are seven bodies united in a joint cooperative group.

The joint group

Creating the conditions to kick-start new job opportunities and strengthen the whole network: with these goals in mind, ‘Doc Net’ was born in 2020. The first cooperative joint group of the cultural sector, it unites the partner companies created in recent years following the Doc Servizi organisation. The aim, as always, is to provide employment and protection to the entire chain of professionals in the cultural and creative industries, event services, tourism and communication.

Seven enterprises comprising five cooperatives and two limited liability (SRL) companies offer their services across Italy: Doc Servizi, for professionals in the entertainment, events and tourism sectors; Doc Educational, a social cooperative for education and learning; Doc Creativity, dedicated to the cultural and creative industries; Hypernova, for professionals of digital innovation; STEA, offering consultations and training on health and safety regulations at events. Freecom and Doc Live, two limited liability companies (SRL), complete our offer for the national market). Freecom provides valuable services for the music and communication industries, while Doc Live specialises in event productions.

The joint group responds to the need for new tools favouring integration with businesses, something felt equally across the cooperative world. In addition, this system allows the opportunity to join forces, becoming large enough bodies to compete successfully in national and international markets.